The aims of compounding by GRANULAT2000® are varied and are directed after the desired qualities of the respective product. With the most modern production plants, sensitive analysis facilities and by the most careful testing methods we guarantee the highest quality-standard for our customers from most different branches. Thanks to the qualification of our employees who dispose of long-standing, far-reaching experience extremely complicated, technical demands are also fulfilled for our Compounds. Appeal to us. We do have the individual solution for you. Of course patterns of our Compounds or Master batches or ready discharged colour panels are available to you including the colour metrics data.


Our offer encloses extruding-, die-casting and wind form masses for the application in:
  • Profiles
  • Pipes
  • Edges
  • Sheets
  • Canals
  • Lids
  • Fittings
  • Corners
  • Roof connections
  • Angles
  • Corners
  • Bottles 
We produce PVC U Compounds highly clear, as well as crystal-clear, nature, or individually dyed, highly brilliantly or matt. Impact toughly or high-impact toughly for profiles and shaped parts with highest requirements. Injection moulding masses with highest fluidness for shaped parts with long flow ways and complex geometry. UV-stable for inside application or outside application high-level UV solidly for long-standing application under extreme climatic conditions. Special blends with increased thermo stability to 110°C and over it.   Our trusted brand: Troilit®


We deliver to you extruding-,die-casting and wind form masses for the application in: 
  • Cables
  • Profiles
  • Tubes
  • Foils
  • Seals
  • Plugs
  • Caps
  • Stopper
  • Forms
  • Spouts
Hardness between shore A 50 - shores D 70 highly transparent, nature, or individually dyed. Highly brilliantly or matt, UV-stable for inside application or outside application high-level UV-stable for long-standing application under extreme climatic conditions. Temperature-solidly for the highest claims, e.g., in special cables. Physiologically safely for the application in medicine products or in toys. Flame-resistant, foamable, resistant to chemicals, oil and petrol, poor in migration, extraction-firmly, anti-miccrobiotic, elastomer-modified, cold-adaptable to-65°C. Do you have other demands for a Soft PVC mass?  Integrate our knowledge early into the development of your product, together we certainly find the optimum solution. 

Our trusted brand: Troilit®